All the web-based countdown tools we could find really sucked. So we made a better one.

At the Type/Code studio we love counting down to things, whether it’s lunchtime, beer time, or Groundhog Day. However, we couldn’t find a countdown tool that was both attractive and easy to share with friends. So over the course of a week, we spent evenings designing and building a light-weight web application to solve our frivolous problem. We dubbed it: It’s dead simple: just give your countdown a name and a time, and let it begin. Every countdown has its own spiffy URL for as long as it’s running (like, so you can share it with friends and post it to Facebook or Twitter. If you're feeling fancy, you can even embed the countdown into your website or blog.

...squeaky-clean and works as advertised … Nice work.

The interwebs seemed to like it too, with traffic quickly jumping to over 50,000 pageviews a month, and countdowns spreading like wildfire through Facebook and Twitter. Notable participation has included ABC Family’s countdowns to show premiers, and acclaimed author Haruki Murakami counting down to his new novel hitting the shelves.