Google Books

Empowering publishers and independent authors to distribute their work.

Google reached out to Type/Code with some interesting product design challenges surrounding the overhaul of their Books offerings. What started as the ‘Books Preview Program’ which allowed publishers to efficiently index their libraries, evolved into a full eBook store on Google Play. As this new distribution channel opened up to the rapidly growing number of Android users, book publishers needed a better way to get their titles into the Play store, and manage their library and sales details.

We needed a solution that would allow large publishers like Simon & Schuster (with thousands of titles) to hook up their data feeds and set detailed pricing and global distribution options, while simultaneously enabling smaller publishers to batch-upload content and metadata from spreadsheets, all while still accommodating independent self-publishing authors who need to figure out how to sell their very first book through an intuitive interface.

Type/Code collaborated closely with the product managers and engineers on the Google Books team to completely rethink the publisher experience across this wide range of user groups, and ultimately redesigning the product from the ground up.

Our involvement in the project didn’t end with user flows and mockups; we rolled up our sleeves in dove in with the Google Books engineering team to help build out the interface, and launch the new version of the publisher portal.

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